Short term exchange of groups of pupils in Italy

This transnational meeting gathered 24 foreign students and teachers as well as about 100 Italian students and teachers directly involved in the project, parents, local media and partners from the neighbourhood. At the very beginning of the event the participants were reminded the rules of international meeting and communication.  During the introductory meeting the students from partner schools presented their schools, countries and regions using the presentations that had been prepared during their extra classes. Their performance on the stage in front of the school community was challenging for them as they had to speak in public. After that the host teachers presented videos about Human Rights as the starting point for the group work. On Tuesday the participating students took part in the New School Rules activity. Working in the mixed groups they discussed the rights they have as students (problem-solving method) and created a set of rules that should be applied in their schools. The students were familiarized with UNDHR and were shown Human Rights Explained video. After that they worked out the main themes and values that underpin the whole business of human rights. In this activity they also started working in international groups and then discussed the results with the whole group. The students got back to the topic of Human Rights on Friday when they introduced the Human Rights Champions from their countries and then in the way of discussion they chose the most significant for all groups.  During the exchange the students took part in the meeting  with the local employer. Firstly  the participating students conducted the interview with the manager of the company. The questions had been pre-prepared by the students during their extra classes. The manager presented the history of his company and explained in details what he pays attention to while interviewing new candidates for work in his company. Another important point in our project’s schedule was visiting the city with the questing method. As this way of exploring the world turned out to be rather new for students, the trip to the city was preceded with the workshop conducted by the Polish coordinator concerning some basic elements that a quest consists of. Then the students divided into several international groups equipped with folders and Quest applications headed the Villa Torlonia – the place where the quest was carried out. The task itself turned out to be extremely involving for the students as they not only had to find some details in the surrounding world but also cooperate in English with other students to find out the final password.  During the last day of the meeting all participants took part in the international interdisciplinary competition based on what they learned during the mobility week. The questionnaire was created and conducted with the innovative ICT tool-KAHOOT application.