Zespol Szkol in Lubcza is a public school combining nursery, primary and junior secondary school. It provides general education for 301 students aged 3-16 in 17 classes taught by 37 teachers. Our 13 fully equipped classrooms with multiple teaching aids (e.g. interactive boards, laptops with the broadband access to the Internet, overhead projectors, DVD) together with a library, a canteen, a school’s day room, playground, a gym and sports fields with a running track. The main motivation to join the project is an overall development of our students. The school is situated in a rural and disadvantaged area with no industry, high unemployment rate (about 30 % according to our local authorities) and a great distance from towns and cities. These factors with difficult social conditions of the families create an unfriendly environment for our students’ education and decrease their chances to participate in additional activities.