I.C. Luigi Settembrini

I.C. Luigi Settembrini in Rome is a public school combining nursery, primary and junior secondary school. It provides general education for 890 students aged 11-14 in 37 classes taught by 75 teachers and for 485 students aged 3- 10 in 23 classes taught by 53 teachers. Our 3 school buildings are equipped with info labs, interactive boards and overhead projectors in some classrooms, laptops with broadband access to the Internet in every office and classrooms, DVD. There are also a canteen, playgrounds, a gym and sports fields in each building. The main motivation to join the project is to improve our students knowledge of both English and I.C.T as well as to help them becoming global citizens which are now the key points of education in our country. The school is situated in a well-established area near the city centre. Our students come from middle class families, most of their parents are professionals, they are used to travel, but they need to live this kind of experience not only as tourists but mainly as part of a changing world they can be considered makers of. The impact we'd like to reach for our students is: increasing language skills; the increase of students` motivation to develop their science skills in modern teaching methods, ICT skills, the increase of social skills, self-confidence, knowledge about partner countries and culture. For teachers it will be great opportunity to participate in international workshops with teachers, who has the same difficulties with students.